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Almost a century of serving the community

The Scheller name has been synonymous with the legal profession for nearly 100 years.  Art’s grandfather, Judge Arthur M. Scheller, was a descendant of immigrants who settled in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  He attended St. Norbert College in Wisconsin before joining the U.S. Army during World War I.  

After military service, Judge Scheller enrolled in the Marquette University Law School where he obtained a Juris Doctor degree, graduating first in his class.  He worked his way through law school as a waiter, cook, and street car conductor and enjoyed serving people throughout his life.

Following graduation, he opened a private law practice in Wisconsin where he represented clients in a wide range of civil and criminal matters.  In 1933, he was appointed as Waupaca County Judge and was re-elected and continued to serve as county judge until his death over 25 years later.  

During his career, Judge Scheller ruled on thousands of legal disputes while demonstrating an unwavering commitment to promoting the rule of law and the interests of justice in his community.  He organized the Wisconsin Juvenile Judges Association and the Waupaca County chapter of the March of Dimes.  He was a district governor of Lions International and a district deputy of the Knights of Columbus.  He was also active in both state and local bar associations, serving as President of the Waupaca County Bar Association.  Judge Scheller was a frequent lecturer and speaker throughout his career.  

Historic photo of the former Waupaca County Courthouse from the collection of the Waupaca Historical Society where Judge Scheller heard civil and criminal cases for more than 25 years.

The next generation of lawyering begins

Judge Scheller’s eldest son, Professor Arthur M. Scheller, Jr., followed his father into the law, starting a line of lawyers that continues today.  Like his father, he attended St. Norbert College and the Marquette University Law School, graduating first in his class.  

After practicing civil and criminal law for several years, he moved his growing family to Chicago in the late 1950s, where he began a long and distinguished career as a law professor, teaching at Loyola University School of Law, DePaul University College of Law, and at The John Marshall Law School.  

Over the course of more than 30 years, Professor Scheller taught thousands of Chicago lawyers, including two of his children.  Many of his students are practicing attorneys and judges, and others work in business and government in the Chicagoland area.  

Professor Scheller was voted Outstanding Professor a number of times by the student body at the law schools where he taught.  He was a prolific author and frequent speaker, and an advocate for the underserved.  This included conducting a law course for community developers and social workers for over 20 years and serving as the project director for the Guardianship and Advocacy Commission of Illinois. 

Read about Professor Scheller in the Chicago Tribune and The John Marshall Law Review.

A new generation continues the tradition of service

Inspired by Professor Scheller’s love of the law and commitment to justice, five of his eight children and one of his nephews became attorneys and practice law today.  In addition to Arthur M. Scheller III, who founded the Scheller Law Group, they include Helen (solo practitioner focusing on probate and real estate), Stephen (Chief of Felony Review, Lake County Illinois State’s Attorney’s Office), Fritz (solo practitioner focusing on criminal defense), John (litigation partner at Michael Best & Friedrich), and Matthew (Legal Division Director at Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections).  

For nearly 100 years, the Schellers have been committed to putting their clients first, providing the highest quality legal services and pursuing the interests of justice in order to serve the greater good.