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Chicago Attorney Wins Case Involving Scholarship Dispute

The firm recently obtained dismissal of a lawsuit seeking damages for breach of contract and for an alleged civil rights violation. Our client, a nonprofit foundation composed of various Illinois legislators and business leaders, serves the State of Illinois' 1.5 million people of Latino heritage through public policy initiatives, community leadership, and academic scholarships. The plaintiff, a former undergraduate student in Chicago, initially applied for and was awarded an academic scholarship from our client.

Professional License Defense News

The firm recently represented an Illinois high school teacher in defending the teacher's professional educator license before the State Educator Preparation and Licensure Board. In this case, the Illinois State Superintendent of Education sought to permanently revoke the teacher's license for certain alleged misconduct. The firm negotiated a favorable settlement of the charges, avoiding a revocation of the client's license prior to an administrative hearing.

Breach of Contract Litigation

The Scheller Law Group settled a breach of contract lawsuit filed against its client, a distributor and manufacturer of Indian and Pakistani food and specialty items. The plaintiff, a customs brokerage and compliance company, sought damages from our client relating to certain freight forwarding services. Before our client's response to the complaint was due, the firm negotiated a favorable settlement and obtained a quick dismissal of the lawsuit.

Chicago Litigator Successfully Prosecutes Collection Action

The Scheller Law Group successfully prosecuted a commercial collection action filed on behalf of a Chicago company that provides legal support services to customers around the globe. The lawsuit, filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, sought damages from a New York company that failed to pay for certain document review services provided under a written services agreement. The firm negotiated a favorable settlement for the client within four months of filing the complaint and well before significant fees had been expended litigating the claim.

Chicago Arbitrator News

Art Scheller of Scheller Law Group was named an Arbitrator for the Circuit Court of Cook County's Commercial Calendar Mandatory Arbitration Program. The program, which was recently approved by the Illinois Supreme Court, requires judges in Cook County's Law Division to refer commercial cases with damages of less than $75,000 to mandatory arbitration. Under certain circumstances, a judge also has discretion to refer commercial cases to mandatory arbitration where the damages exceed $75,000. Each case will be heard by a single arbitrator.

Asbestos Litigation Defense News

The Scheller Law Group successfully negotiated the dismissal of one of our clients, a specialty chemical manufacturing company, from an asbestos case pending in Madison County, Illinois. The dismissal came quickly after the firm demonstrated that our client had never manufactured, sold, or distributed asbestos or asbestos-containing products at any time. Madison County has the busiest asbestos docket in the country, and has long been recognized as a "judicial hellhole" given its plaintiff-friendly bent and well-organized, aggressive plaintiff's bar.

Arbitration Decision for Chicago Museum

The Scheller Law Group represented a Chicago museum in a two day American Arbitration Association hearing. The case involved the museum's admitted repayment obligation for certain capital bond funds obtained over 14 years ago from another local museum. Following extensive post-hearing briefing, the arbitrator ordered a multi-year, installment repayment term, denying our opponent's quest for a single lump sum repayment. The arbitrator also rejected the other museum's remaining claims, including claims for significant attorney's fees and interest.

Illinois Sales Tax on Internet Shipping Charges

Your business is expanding. Sales are increasing and your internet store is growing rapidly. The 2009 recession seems nothing more than a distant memory. Then, one day, a process server walks into your office and serves you with a complaint from one of your customers. That customer: an Illinois plaintiff’s lawyer. The complaint: your business failed to collect Illinois sales tax on shipping charges for a purchase made from your internet store. The dilemma: what is this about and how will you respond?