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Chicago Arbitrator News

Art Scheller of Scheller Law Group was named an Arbitrator for the Circuit Court of Cook County's Commercial Calendar Mandatory Arbitration Program. The program, which was recently approved by the Illinois Supreme Court, requires judges in Cook County's Law Division to refer commercial cases with damages of less than $75,000 to mandatory arbitration. Under certain circumstances, a judge also has discretion to refer commercial cases to mandatory arbitration where the damages exceed $75,000. Each case will be heard by a single arbitrator. The arbitrator's award will be binding unless one of the litigants rejects the award by paying a $750 fee. If a party rejects an arbitration award and fares worse at trial than it did at the arbitration hearing however, the rejecting party must pay its opponent's legal fees incurred in preparing for and participating in the arbitration. For further information on the firm's extensive arbitration experience, please contact us.