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Chicago Attorney Wins Case Involving Scholarship Dispute

The firm recently obtained dismissal of a lawsuit seeking damages for breach of contract and for an alleged civil rights violation. Our client, a nonprofit foundation composed of various Illinois legislators and business leaders, serves the State of Illinois' 1.5 million people of Latino heritage through public policy initiatives, community leadership, and academic scholarships. The plaintiff, a former undergraduate student in Chicago, initially applied for and was awarded an academic scholarship from our client. Subsequently, the plaintiff's college dismissed her from the school for falsifying a letter of recommendation. Accordingly, our client refused to give her the scholarship. The plaintiff sued both our client and her former college. In terms of our client, the plaintiff's principle argument was that the parties had a binding contract to give her a scholarship. The court granted our client's motions to dismiss both an initial complaint and an amended complaint, agreeing with our arguments that a scholarship is not a contract right, and that plaintiff had failed to plead sufficient factual allegations to state any claims. Our firm has successfully prosecuted and defended a wide variety of breach of contract matters. If you are involved in a contract dispute and are seeking an experienced counselor to assist you, please contact us.

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