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Practice Areas

Appellate • Arbitration and Mediation • Civil and Business Litigation • Pro Bono


The Scheller Law Group has substantial experience representing clients in civil appeals before the Illinois Supreme Court, the Illinois Appellate Courts, and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Success in this specialized arena requires thoughtful legal analysis, persuasive writing, and the ability to present an effective oral argument. Read More

Arbitration and Mediation

Litigation can be a financially, emotionally, and psychologically draining experience. For these reasons, most civil disputes are resolved without filing a lawsuit and over 95% of lawsuits are resolved without going to trial. Our philosophy dovetails well with these realities as our foremost goal is to resolve our clients’ disputes as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. Read More

Civil and Business Litigation

Our goal is to resolve our clients’ disputes quickly and efficiently before a lawsuit is filed. When litigation arises however, you want an advocate with the experience and skill necessary to litigate and try cases. Read More

Pro Bono

One of the core values of the Scheller Law Group is our commitment to service. We are dedicated to the interests of justice and use our skills to assist those less fortunate to serve the greater good. Read More